Liebe WirtschaftsjuniorInnen, liebe UnternehmerInnen,

als europäischer Partnerverband der WJD, YES for Europe haben wir eine Umfrage für junge UnternehmerInnen erstellt.
Es wäre toll, wenn ihr an der Umfrage bis zum 27. Oktober teilnehmt. Sie dauert ca. 5-10 Minuten.
Die Ergebnisse werden dann der Europäischen Kommission übergeben.


Dear YES for Europe family,

On behalf of our President Gürkan and as part of our ongoing effort to understand the risks and impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on Young Entrepreneurs in Europe, I would like to invite you and your association to support our current online survey which you can find following this link
We are excited to learn insights of young entrepreneurs in your country. The survey should not take more than 10 minutes for participants to complete. All responses will remain confidential and the results will be presented to the European Commission. The YES for Europe report titled

is scheduled to be published at the end of November 2020.

The above survey link is active till 27th October 2020 EOB, so please invite as many members as possible to participate.

We truly appreciate your time and help in shaping the future of Young Entrepreneurship in Europe and beyond!


Viele Grüße
Viktoria Schütz
Vice President
President for EU in G20 YEA